CH SanDee's Fabulous Lady | Coton de Tulear Puppies For Sale by a Coton de Tulear Breeder

CH SanDee's Fabulous Lady

Born: August 00, 0000
Color: White
Weight : 11 lbs. Head : Nice
Height : 9 Eye : Dark
Length : 13 Muzzle : Short

Lady is my baby.  She loves to snuggle and to tease.  She is also one of the most beautiful dogs I have.  Darjeeling is her sire and Rocky is her grandsire.  She also goes back to Scotty on Rocky's side.   Her mother is a Winner's Bitch Specialty winner and goes back to Irving Jazz and Hines. Her grandmother and her granddaddy are clear of neonatal ataxia, so that makes her mother clear through parentage.  Her sire is clear, so once again, this makes Lady clear of neonatal ataxia through parentage.   Her other health clearances are here.  I can't say enough about my little Lady.  She has a beautiful, luxurious coat and beautiful pigment  Good structure and excellent personality.  Look for her in the show ring soon.

Lady has gone to live with her mother at Margaret Peck's home.  We miss her sorely.  She loves her mother and I know if she was going to leave, she wanted to go to her mother's house.



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